Atomical Devastation Demo 2014

by Apocalyptor

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released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Apocalyptor Lahti, Finland

Apocalyptic Crust/Metal from Finland!

J.S. Frantic

Dirty Harri

O. Liver

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Track Name: More War
Burning cities
Dead people
War machines
Open fire

More gore
More war
More gore
That’s how it has been

More gore
More war
More gore
That’s how it will be

System failed
Nations maimed
jesus cries
Mankind dies
Track Name: After the Light
Gruesome figures, boiling skin
Burning flesh, shock wave
The blast burns their heads
Infant cries in dead mother’s arms

After the light
No one can fight
After the light
Fires ignite

Godless heat, melted eyes
Fallen buildings, trapped humans
Dying people on the ground
Cries smothered while firestorm reigns
Track Name: Atomical Devastation
After the nuclear fall
Humanity weakened by the death toll
The cannibals rise
Eating their share to the world's demise

Radiation mutates us all
Am I a man or am I a freak
As of today I don't care
You fuckers better beware!

All I crave is a taste of your flesh
Radiated meat, there's nothing so fresh
Boiled eyes, melted skin
In nuclear war Death wins!
Track Name: Children of Tomorrow
Four eyes
One leg
Born dead

Crooked hands
No life
Disgusting fetus

Blind eyes
Cruel face
Evil temper
No name

Children of tomorrow, fucked
Generation failed, scum
Age of decadence, deserved
Radiation bestowed, death
Track Name: Apocalyptor
The apocalyptor has awakened
Preaching death for mankind

Apocalyptor (x2)

Watching the world burn
I am apocalypse I am death
Track Name: Observing Eye
Hypodermic implants
No sign of advance
Observing technology
Nations conspiracy

Under the observing eye
People are wasting their minds
Unplug your device
Watchers are watching (you)

Data has gathered
Privacy is shattered
You cannot hide
They are worldwide

They are watching
Day and night
Gathering information
Examining your data
Track Name: Terminal Death
The apocalypse is upon us
This is the end of humanity
Mankind on its knees
Waiting for the final blow

Terminal death awaits us all
Terminal death
Track Name: Wind Howls
Skeletons without skin and flesh
Eye sockets without eyeballs
Vacant holes stares hard
No lips to kiss you back

Winds howl in the empty eye sockets
Mankind's achievements are forgotten
Winds howl in the empty eye sockets
End days are upon us

Play grounds without children
No sounds of joy anymore
Shopping malls are silent
Cities have crumbled