Apocalyptor Lahti, Finland

Apocalyptic Crust/Metal from Finland!

J.S. Frantic

Dirty Harri

O. Liver

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Track Name: Intro
Apocalyptic visions
Dead humans
Total death
Nuclear war
Black ash
Burnt bodies
Deformed children
War without end
No hope for better days
Track Name: Worship the Mushroom Cloud
Winds of death arise
Awaiting mankind’s demise
The sound makes people fear
The holocaust is near

Buried among the ruins of a dying world
Lies the remains of humanity

Worship the mushroom cloud!

Now you must believe
Death is what you receive
There is no more hope
Get the ladder tie the rope
Track Name: Death
Face melting death
light flashes before your eyes
Your last breath
full of fear and desperation
Bone crushing blast
destroys your human shell
Your death is fast
sudden is the end of your life

Soul burning fire
flames licks up your bleak skull
jesus was a liar
no way his kingdom will save you
Flesh burns away
nobody will recognize your body
Sky turned gray
deformed corpses covered in ash

Death - your ticket to other side
Death - time to die and putrefy
Death - dying is not a crime
Death - close your eyes last time
Track Name: Fallen One
Rebel of death
Banished from above
Fallen one of doom
Megaton destroyer

Salute the end of all life
Fallen one shining and bright

Sadism - no moral codes, no sympathy
Annihilation - shining cities forever gone
Termination - a few survivors cries helplessly
Apocalypse - end of an era, new beginning
New dawn...
Track Name: All Will End
Helpless god of life is powerless
Gods of war are feasting with Bacchus
Battle fields covered blood and gore
Bloody corpses lie there lifeless

Insanity rises from the humanity
Deepest fears comes to reality
War is reigning with iron fist
All will end by total madness
Track Name: Morbid Ways
Morbid ways
End of days
We don't care
You will die

jesus cries
Human life

Hate storm
No hope
Total death
Track Name: Visions of Torment
Sick twisted life
Plagued by this horrid disease
Pulverized by pain
Down to the abyss

Visions of torment
Morbid sweat
Fear of future
Pounding heart

Perverse mind
Crushing pain
Chronic insomnia
Let it end
Track Name: Storm of the End
Warnings are given the storm is on the rise
Extreme winds howl in the nocturnal skies
This is the final storm to end all the living
Apocalyptic weather destroys everything

Mankind unable to defend - Storm of the end

Humanity proves its stupidity once again
Didn’t listen or care about the warnings
Mankind will always face fear of death
Until its last final gasping breath
Track Name: No Way to Save this World
Warfare everywhere - politics endanger us all
Increased population - can't stop the downfall

Earthquakes ruins cities - people dies like scum
Asteroid impact - eventually it will come

Pandemic thread - diseases will spread
Cancers increase - millions of dead

Pollution toxic waste - mutation to everyone
Volcanic eruption - ash will cover the sun

Several ways - to destroy human race - modern man fades
End of the world - death to the all - civilization dies

No way to save this world
Track Name: Last Judgment (Riders of Doom)
I am the conquest
I am the war
I am the famine
I am the death

Kiss my crown
Bow down the sword
Food you won't see
Hades follows me

Shining white bones
Blood red sky
Black is the end
Pale rider is near

Judgment day is coming soon
Apocalyptic riders of doom
Track Name: Death Camp
Millions of humans led to slaughter
All you can hear is the hellish laughter
Prisoners in line waiting to be killed
Holes in the ground - graves to be filled

Death camp - the order is to kill
Death camp - to die is your will

Human remains on the ground
No mercy is here to be found
A diabolic hunger that has to be fed
Blood of the weak now must be shed
Track Name: Altar of War
Centuries change
New weapons created
Greater amount of death
No boundaries how to kill

Greed of humanity
Reaps its harvest
Insanity rises
Nothing survives

Human life
Sacrificed on the altar of war
Track Name: The Last Day
Screaming - frying
Bleeding - dying
Smashed - head
Living - dead

The last day is here

Thrashing - destroying
Crushing - enjoying
Mutilation - devastation
Creation - illumination

The last day is here
Have no fear
Track Name: The Year is One
There will be time when the mankind is stripped of its religions
Only the strong will survive and the most savage man can rule
Chains of humanity must fall and the nature will take over the man
Back to the year one, back to the time when there was no technology

Among the ruins tribes wander
Infrastructures are collapsed
No light at end of the tunnel
Future is in a hazy fog of darkness

Way of the strongest will lead to the success
This is the year one, hail to the savage man

Hail to savageryyyyyyaah

Black winds carry the death
Fallout radiation sickness
Rain rapes all the living things
Human bones peek out from the ashes